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Soothe Magnesium Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World
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#1 Selling Magnesium spray on Amazon
As You Can See...
Soothe Magnesium Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World
The Question Is, Are You NEXT?
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you use too much?
Soothe is comfortably applied to the skin which then absorbs transdermally into your body where you apply the product. Everyone requires more magnesium than the body can absorb through food or supplements. Applying Soothe topically allows your body to regulate how much is absorbed based on the bodies requirement for magnesium. The more activities, the more brain use, the more stressors, the more you need extra magnesium for fuel. Your body has a built in safeguard where it knows to absorb the magnesium it needs so it is not possible to overdose with Soothe when used topically.

The recommended dose of Soothe when you begin to build up your magnesium reserves is 15 sprays in the morning and 15 sprays in the evening. The best time to use Soothe is after a warm shower of bath.
How do I use it?
Soothe is one of the most enjoyable and easy products to use. You simply spray the product anywhere on your body. The tummy and chest area is best place to spray on and smooth in. Simply spray on and smooth into your skin with one or two wipes with your hand. You can also spray Soothe onto your hand and wipe it on your body as needed. Applying Soothe to specific areas of your body that are stiff or sore will also help relax the body in that geographical area. Soothe is also great to use right after you have dried off from a shower or bath. Soothe absorbs within 90 seconds and each spray delivers a generous dosage of magnesium.
 What makes Soothe different from others?
Our Soothe Magnesium is a special infusion of the purest magnesium chloride hexahydrate. This is not to be confused with standard magnesium chloride products or magnesium oil on the market that have very little therapeutic affect and leave your skin irritated and greasy.

Soothe MCH (magnesium chloride hexahydrate) is quickly absorbed by your body and is able to be stored in your tissues to build up these much needed reserves. This is evident when you put the 2 different types of magnesium in open containers side by side. MCH will actually absorb water from the ambient air and melt into a pool of water. This is because the hexahydrate part (which is 6 water molecules attached to each magnesium chloride molecule) attracts more water to itself. When Soothe MCH contacts your skin, the same thing happens, though much quicker because of the high water content of the human body.

We set the bar at the top when it comes to developing and producing health products ensuring every product you purchase delivers the exact results you are looking for. Soothe contains the highest quality form of magnesium in the world delivering the high value return to you personally as you invest in your own health!
What are the ingredients?
Soothe Ingredients: MCH (Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate) maximum infused absorption of bioavailable magnesium in ultra purified H2O.
Can I use essential oils with Soothe?
Yes! In fact, a lot of our customers love mixing Soothe with their favorite essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and more. Around our office using peppermint during the holidays is the favorite! One thing to note: you must use soluble essential oils to mix in with your Soothe.
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